Beards on the Run 6 - The Letter

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"Beards on the Run 6 - The Letter"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 479
Original Upload date March 15, 2011
Running time 0:03:21
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Outro video game outro
Wink submitted by soxfan3030
Great People
Guests: Ian Purvis
Matt Weber
Sam Grant
Jeff Samuels
audience in Columbus
Shannon Antilles (Shantilles)
Corey Vidal
Episode chronology
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"Beards on the Run 5 - Strong Arm"
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"Beards on the Run 7 - Road Fighter"



[Driver guy, driving:] Hey guys! [Craig wakes from sleeping in the backseat, Jeff is behind him. Matt is eating a sandwich in the front passenger seat.] Check it out!! [The driver guy jerks in his seat. The van does a backflip, landing back on the road. The driver guy looks pleased, gives a thumbs-up. Matt is just staring at him, frozen. Craig is looking at him, horrified. Jeff begins to puke.]
[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
Hey beardlovers. Welcome to the si...
[Matt peeks out from behind the passenger seat, facing Craig.]
What are you... what are you looking at?
[Matt:] Just watching.
Okay. Welcome to the sixth tour video.
[speech impediment guy:] Wheoh you twavelling to cuwwentwee Wheezy Waitow?
Currently we're between...
[Matt:] I like it when you do that voice!
Currently we're between Pittsburgh and Baltimore. A few nights ago we played in Columbus. [Title on screen: Columbus, OH. Shot of Columbus audience waving and cheering.] I didn't get a good shot of the crowd in Pittsburgh but here are some Canadians.
[Title on screen: Pittsburgh, PA. Corey Vidal, Shannon, and MattG124 are standing together.]
[Craig:] Hey Canadians, thanks for coming to the show.
[They all start talking at once. Then look at each other.]
[Shannon:] Oh.
[Corey:] Oh.
[MattG124:] Oh, sorry.
[Shannon:] Sorry.
[Corey:] Sorry.
[MattG124:] Sorry. No, no, you go first.
[Shannon:] No I'm sorry.
[Corey, to MattG124:] No, go ahead. It's okay.
[Shannon, to MattG124:] You go ahead.
[MattG124:] No, no no. You go first. You were here first.
[Corey:] Sorry. Please. Please. Sorry.
[MattG124:] Ladies first, sorry.
[Shannon:] No, no, I'm sorry.
[MattG124:] I'm sorry.
[back in the van]
[Craig:] We also did a performance for the ra.... [Matt's phone starts ringing]
[Matt] Oh, one second. [Answers phone] Hello? Yeah, he did the voice. Oh I don't know. Hehehehe. Yeah. Haha. Alright, you're good to go, funny man.
[Craig:] We also did a performance for 92.1 WPTS in Pittsburgh [footage of the band playing with title on screen: airs Saturday 9am-11 am] And that's going to air on Saturday.
[Matt:] Did you tell them about the radio show?
[Craig:] Yeah, I told them.
[Matt:] YEAH! [Picks up phone and talks into it again] Yeah, he told them about the radio show. Who is this?!! My number's unlisted. Oh. Alright. Bye, Mom.
[Craig:] And now we're on our way to Baltimore to finally meet up with YouTube sensation Mike Lombardo and play at the Sidebar Tavern tonight. 8 o'clock. Yesterday [title on screen over Craig's mouth: 2 days ago] I forgot to put the 'h' in for Pittsburgh so I added one to Baltimore. [Gestures to title on screen that reads 'Balthimore']
[Matt:] Nerdgasm!
[Craig:] And tomorrow night we're playing in New York, also with Mike Lombardo, at Local 269 in the Lower East Side.
[Matt:] Sellout! [hides behind passenger seat again]
[Title on screen: Later that evening in Baltimore]
[Craig and Matt stand next to a building talking.]
[Craig:] McNulty got really drunk...
[Matt:] Yeah
[Craig:] Right?
[Matt:] Yeah
[Craig:] And he was talking to this waitress... You gotta see the show.
[Matt:] Alright.
[Sam runs up.]
[Sam:] Hey guys.
[Craig:] You're late.
[Matt:] Hey. How are you?
[Sam:] I'm late? I'm sorry.
[Craig:] Why are you running to venues anyway?
[Matt:] Yeah.
[Sam:] I got that... I got the death threat, remember? [takes note out of his pocket]
[Matt:] No.
[Craig, grabbing the note:] Death threat.
[Sam:] Yeah.
[Craig laughs and reads the note.]
[Shot of the note]
[Craig reads it aloud:] Dear Sam, [growling] 5 dollars [growling] Death Theat [growling] Regards, Chewbacca. [Matt:] Who's Chewbacca?
[Sam:] You know...
[Matt:] Oh yeah!
[Ripple effect. Title on screen: Two weeks ago. Matt is typing on his phone.]
[Matt:] Dear Chewbacca, Remember in Tour de Beard when you gave me that five dollars?
[Ripple effect. Title on screen: Two years ago. Matt picks up a bill from the pavement.]
[Matt:] My five dollars. [looks upwards] I'll never forget you... Charlie.
[Ripple effect. Matt is typing on his phone.]
[Matt:] Well, Sam stole it. Can I have another five dollars? As I understand it, you are honor bound to kill him. Thanks.
[Ripple effect. Back to present time.]
[Matt, to Sam:] Chewbacca wants to kill you because you stole my five dollars.
[Sam:] I didn't steal your five dollars.
[Matt:] I know! That's what makes it so weird. Hey, man, I didn't know he'd be honor bound to kill you. I don't know Wookiee culture. I'm from Minnesota. Not Kashyyyk. [Sam shakes his head and walks away]
[Matt, to Craig:] Hey, can I, uh, borrow five dollars, buddy? [Craig walks away] Hey man!
[Jeff, banging on the steering column:] Bang bang bang the ignition, that last scene had too much exposition.
[Wheezy Waiter video game outro graphic can be seen as winker plays the outro theme on her accordion. Winks (accordion note)]
And now we're in a tunnel. [Films moving through the tunnel.] Stay on target!
[Someone else in the van:] I was gonna say that. [Laughter]

Recurring elements

Driftless Pony Club (DPC), tour video, beardlovers, Speech impediment guy, Chewbacca, wink

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The clip of Matt getting the five dollars back from Chewbacca comes from Tour de Beard 14: The End.

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