Beard Science

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"Beard Science"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 16
Original Upload date June 25, 2007
Running time 0:01:47
Wink submitted by WheezyWaiter
Episode chronology
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"Good Morning"
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Good morning complete strangers. It's June 25th.
And it's ridiculously early. For me, anyway.
I thought it might be fun to do some...
[Closeup of Wheezy's beard:] Hey!
[Wheezy's beard:] Who's your favorite president?
Not now, beard.
[Wheezy's beard:] Mine's HARRY S. Truman. heh heh heh
[Wheezy sighs]
[Wheezy's beard:] Hey, you thinking about seeing the new HARRY Potter? heh heh heh.
That's the same pun.
[Wheezy's beard:] I'm thinking about making a new movie starring Whoopi Goldberg -- Whisker Act. hahaha.
[A clean-shaven Wheezy appears on the screen]
Whew... Took care of that.
I haven't looked at the comments recently. Let's see what they say.
Gelato Lemon says, I have a beard too!
That's great. heh. We both have beards. Wait... Umm...
Hmmm... Let's see, what else from yesterday...
Oh! Chris says, How's your beard doing? Because it looks fantastic.
Thanks Chris. [clears throat... looks confused.]
I don't think it fully hit me, what I just did. Ummmm, I better go get drunk.
[Wheezy the waiter (with a beard):] Hey there, big guy. Welcome to [music]. Can I get you a kiddie cocktail?
I'm gonna get fucking blitzed. I'll have a Jack Daniels. Bottle.
[Wheezy the waiter:] He thinks he's a grownup.
I'm 26 years old.
[Wheezy the waiter:] You're adorable. Look at you.
I need the booze. I need to get wasted!
[Wheezy the waiter:] No, I'm gonna have to see ID for that.
I forgot my ID. Come on.
[Wheezy the waiter:] No need to raise your voice, sir.
I wanna get wasted!
[Wheezy the waiter:] Wow. Uh. Wow.
Look at me. Look at me. I'm you. I'm you from the future. I shaved my beard. You shaved your beard. Oh man, that would be great if I could change the past. Don't shave the beard. Don't shave the beard.
[Wheezy the waiter (looking at camera):] Oh my god! What have I done?
[wink (ding)]
[Music plays over picture of beard with a title "BEARD 2006-2007"]

Recurring elements

complete strangers, talking beard, Craig shaves his beard, comments, music replaces the restaurant's name, time travel, wink


This is the first time that Craig shaves his beard or appears clean-shaven during his body of videos. This is also the first occasion of time travel.

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