Ba(n)d Practice

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"Ba(n)d Practice"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 74
Original Upload date July 24, 2008
Running time 0:02:42
Intro special July intro
Outro outro
Wink submitted by
Great People
Guests: Nate Bartley
Sam Grant
Matt Weber
Episode chronology
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"Field Reporting"
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"The Lottery"



[Wheezy driving his car]
Hey beardlovers. I'm leaving work again. I'm on my way to band practice. It's Pop Culture Thursday and I figure what could be more pop culture than a rock band? I'm real excited to get to our space. Man, when we get together in that room, it's just like... like... some sort of magic happens. It's like beautiful angels take over our souls. We just bounce ideas off of each other. It's a very creative environment. We always walk away with something great. You'll see.
[The title 'Wheezy Waiter Takes On July... ...5 days a week... ...It's Pop Culture Thursday...' are superimposed over footage of freeway and sky. An original song by Kyle and Kristen for Pop Culture Thursday plays over the intro.]
[Title on screen: Thanks for the theme song, Kyle and Kristen!] [Driftless Pony Club playing in their practice space. They finish a song.]
[Nate drinks a beer that still has the plastic rings on it from the rest of the six-pack. Wheezy drinks a beer that still has the plastic rings on it from the rest of the six-pack. Sam drinks a beer that still has the plastic rings on it from the rest of the six-pack. He uses the plastic rings to hang the beer from his ear. Matt takes a couple of swigs from a bottle of Jack and hangs his head.].
[Wheezy:] So, like, for the second... after the second chorus, three and three-quarter beats, we pause.
[Nate stares at him. Unimpressed.]
[Wheezy:] Huh? No... Uhh... How about two and two-quarter beats?
[Matt hangs his head.]
[Sam shakes his head in despair.]
[Wheezy:] Sam? What do you think?
[Sam:] I'd rather pee my pants in front of my mom. [Takes a swig of Jack]
[Wheezy:] Matt? What do you think?
[Matt takes of his glasses and shakes his head no, then bites his glasses.]
[Wheezy:] Nate?
[Nate continues to stare. Unmoved. Wheezy gets bonked on the head by a drum stick. Nate stares implacably.]
[Matt, to Wheezy:] Those shoes make your feet look fat!
[Craig:] I've got small ankles. [lifts his pants leg]
[Matt recoils in horror.]
[Sam:] Your singing's terrible too.
[Craig looks down, looks sad.]
[Sam:] You... you just... you know... [imitates the unintelligble noises that Craig makes when he sings. Makes a raspberry.] It's like you're farting out of your own mouth.
[Matt:] God*ding*ing damnit!! [Puts down his guitar. Takes off his shirt] I hate this *ding*ing band. I hate your *ding*ing life. [throws his shirt at Craig opens the door and runs out of the practice room] I hope you die slow!!
[Craig:] Good work, guys. Let's play another one.
[The band starts playing "Maps of Low Fidelity."]
[wheezywaiter dot com outro]
[Craig standing near the drums:] That was good, but guys I got an idea.... [Nate starts playing a drum solo. Craig waits to speak. When there's a pause, and Craig starts to speak again, Nate begins playing the drums again. This happens a couple of times.] I got an idea. [Nate continues rocking out on the drums, drowning Craig out. Craig walks away.]

Recurring elements

beardlovers, Pop Culture Thursday, Driftless Pony Club (DPC), *ding*


At the end of the intro music song by Kyle and Kristen, there is a snippet of the song in which Kyle sings "Wheezy Waiter" very fast. Later, this would go on to the be the intro music for Wheezy Waiter.
This is the first time that the f word is censored with a dinging sound.


No wink in this video.
Wheezy reposted this video to YouTube on March 5 2009 during a week's vacation from making new videos.

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The band's practice space first appeared in the film The Trophy Thief. We can see the owls that figured prominently in The Trophy Thief in the background.

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