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wheezynews is Craig's first alternate channel. On it, he posts a variety of content, which is categorized below. (If the title appears in red, it will be transcribed soon.)

Daily vlogs

August 2012

August 10: Craig and Chyna Invade London
August 11: Food, Chocolate, Boat
August 12: Food Again?
August 13: London to Chicago
August 14: A Bug's Death
August 16: Cereal Coffee Video Band
August 17: The Case of the Disappearing Sweatshirt
August 18: Catan in Kentucky
August 19: Ghost Party
August 20: No Snake till Chicago
August 21: Backwards Mothers
August 22: How do you Recycle Batteries?
August 23: Back in Bidness
August 24: So...
August 25: Rick Rolled in a Best Buy
August 26: Eggs to Cupcakes to Sushi
August 27: The Old Nintendo
August 28: Fabulous
August 29: Restaurant Where I Worked
August 30: Proverbial Hot Dog Suit
August 31: Lovely Madison

September 2012

September 01: Lovely Twin Cities
September 02: We Drove Into the Night
September 03: Boat Party
September 04: Bathing the Snake

Standalone or update videos

August 27th
Future Porn
help me get to 2000 followers on twitter and don't be racist
Wheezy Uncut and Boring
The Poster Behind Me
F*ding* in Space Behind the Scenes
Asian Silver Carp are Coming!
Play the Keyboard
Why no Handstands?
Another Hotel?!
King of the Web
How to Make a Year
How to Green Screen
Studi-oh No!
Goal Fail, Website Win!
Wheezy News
I got my Channel Back
Gender Ambiguity
Preparing for Armageddon
Did You Miss Something?
Newly News
A Room With a View
I Don't Like American Idol
Chyna Cakes

Tour vlogs

Cities Cities Cities
Somewhere in Wine Country
A Bathroom of One's Own or Elevator Death Squad Elite
Favoritism, Horse Parts, and DFTBA Headquarters
Indiana Jones Hat and the Mike Lombardo Arby's Sauce
Yes Sleep till Brooklyn
4 or More Appropriate Rock Stars
Camera Shrugged
Stop and Smell the Snakes
Matt with Power
I got my Channel Back


Don't Haunt This Place
Wheezy plays the hits!!
I don't want to live on the moon
TMBG: Dr. Worm
On the Rise
Acoustic Pluto vs Neptune
Acoustic El Cid
17 by Youth Lagoon
Pluto in Dubuque

Videos related to his main channel videos

These videos are related to main channel videos (outtakes/etc). These make sense without watching the main channel videos they are associated with. They may not. You probably want to watch those too.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Soundtrack
CRPA Outtake
Foot Lose
You Clicked on the Screen!!
Viral Video
Car on Fire
John Lasseter Interview
SCREAM OF SILENCE: The Journey of Quiet Clone
Heart of Revenge
How to Survive a Fall From a Building
Tax Reaction-Retaction?
Whale Call
I'm Listening

Making-of videos

Making of Popcorn Brain
Making of Greetings
Creating The Clone Family
Making of Cast Awaiter
Making of Special Edition
Making of Fat Action
Making of 'What to do During a Break-In'
Making of 'There's Something out There'
Making of 'The Stagehand'
Making of 'Add Time to Your Life'
Making of 'Nice Hotel' with Julian Smith
Making of 'Wheezy Trailer'
Making of 'My Brother'
Behind the Scenes of Wheezycon 2

Parts of interactive videos

In the past, Craig used this channel to post parts of interactive videos (before YouTube allowed unlisted videos). We're not going to spoil the adventure by posting links directly to the transcripts of those parts of the interactive videos (even though they are transcribed). Here are the interactive videos and adventures that have some parts posted on wheezynews. Start here:

Right Said Bread
Stab Stab Stab
Lincoln's Revenge
Wheezy Waiter is NAKED!
The Crying Game
Wheezy's Day Off
Ideas Unlimited

Video responses

Craig also uses this channel to do video responses. Here are the video responses he's posted on this channel:

Re: 014: Pissed off ID Cards
Re: Chocolate Shop Adventure
dramatic look
Re: Understanding Teenage Girls
Re: Introduction to Chemistry with Hank
Growin' Up
Re: Sexy Swingers

Revenge Clone's Podcast (Dearly Darell)

The Beginning-ish.mp4
Darell in Space!

Ty the Regular Guy

Craig posts epsidoes of Ty the Regular Guy to his alternate channel so that people can watch them (or catch up on them if they come in late) without having to watch the videos they are a part of.

Season Episodes Originally aired
1 8 Jan 5, 2010 – Mar 2, 2010
2 8 June 8, 2010 – Aug 10, 2010
3 3 Aug 23, 2011 –


Handstand 1
Handstand 2
Handstand 3
Handstand 4
Handstand 5
Handstand 6
Handstand 7
Handstand 8
Handstand 9
Handstand 10
Handstand 11
Handstand 12
Handstand 13
Handstand 14
Handstand 15
Handstand 16
Handstand 17
Handstand 18
Handstand 19
Handstand 20
Handstand 21
Handstand 22
Handstand 23
Handstand 24
Handstand 25
Handstand 26
Handstand 27 - Dare to be Pointless
Handstand 28
Handstand 29
Handstand 30
Handstand 31
Handstand 32
Handstand 33
Handstand 34
Handstand 35
Handstand 36
Handstand 37
Handstand 38 - Downtown
Handstand 39
Handstand 40
Handstand 41
Handstand 42
Handstand 43
Handstand 44
Handstand 45
Handstand 46 - Apple Store
Handstand 47
Handstand 48
Handstand 49
Handstand 50 - Downtown Toronto
Handstand 51 - CN Tower Zerbert
Handstand 52
Handstand 53 - Lazy Vlog
Handstand 54
Handstand 55
Handstand 56
Handstand 57
Handstand 58 - Special
Handstand 59
Handstand 60
Handstand 61
Handstand 62
Handstand 63
Handstand 64
Handstand 65
Handstand 66
Handstand 67
Handstand 68
Handstand 69
Handstand 70
Handstand 71 - Pajama Style
Handstand 72
Handstand 73
Handstand 74 - Split Screen
Handstand 75
Handstand 76
Handstand 77
Handstand 78
Handstand 79
Handstand 80 - HANDSTAND CAM!
Handstand 81
Handstand 82
Handstand 83
Handstand 84
Handstand 85
Handstand 86
Handstand 87
Handstand 88
Handstand 89 - Revelation
Handstand 90
Handstand 91
Handstand 92
Handstand 93
Handstand 94
Handstand 95
Handstand 96
Handstand 97
Why no Handstands?
Handstand 98