127 Minutes

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"127 Minutes"
WheezyWaiter video
Episode no. Episode 537
Original Upload date August 5, 2011
Running time 0:03:47
Intro Wheezy beard intro
Wink submitted by pseudopeople
Great People
Guests: Jeff Samuels
Matt Weber
Sam Grant
audiences in Seattle and Boise
Episode chronology
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"Wizard Uncle"



Hey beardlovers. So tonight we play in Provo, and tomorrow we play in Colorado Springs.
[Jeff:] Guys! Do you see that truck full of Idaho russet potatoes up there? In 30 seconds, it's gonna burst. On my mark! Get ready to prance!
[Craig:] Hold on! Before you make us do anything ridiculous, how do you know everything?
[Jeff:] I knew you'd ask that question. So I prepared an answer for you. When we played our show in Madison...
[Craig:] We haven't played Madison yet. We play in Madison August 10th.
[Jeff:] Actually, I've played it already.
[Matt whips his head around. Sam's mouth falls open in wonder as he mouthes the word "What?"]
[Jeff:] During our show in Madison, I discovered a rift in the space-time continuum... [Matt is taking notes] ...which I subsequently traversed. I'm now moving backwards through time... [shot of Matt's notepad with drawings/diagrams of potatoes] ...through our tour date by date. [Matt wipes his brow.] I'm not exactly sure why but I have a comprehensive prevailing theory to explain our predicament. It is as follows... [Sam puts his head back on the pillow] Chapter 1. When you have a universe rotating at close to the speed of light. [The truck in front of them deposits a huge pile of potatoes, which stops the van. Squealing brakes.]
[Wheezy Waiter beard intro]
Don't worry. It wasn't that bad of an accident. We're doing just fine. The van's running okay. Except for some times it SPUD-ders. [Text on screen: SPUD-ders] [Audience laughter as Craig makes funny face] Haha. Yeaaaaah!
Seriously, we gotta get that looked at.
Had a great show in Seattle a few nights ago. [Shot of audience in Seattle waving and cheering.] And then the next night we had an impromptu acoustic set in a park in this town. [points to text on screen: Boise]
[Shot of two people sitting on grass.]
[Craig:] Oh thanks, you two, for showing up. It was great.... that two of you showed up. And all of you. [Pans camera to the rest of the audience who cheer and wave.]
[Clip of them playing acoustically. Craig sings:] Pluto as a planet is erroneous. It's time to rewind.
Did you know most people don't pronounce this town correctly? [points to the word Boise again] It's true. I did research.
[Craig talks to two people at the Boise gathering:] How do you pronounce this town that we're in?
[Guy:] Boise [pronounces it Boy-see]
[Girl:] Boise [pronounces it Boy-see]
[Craig:] WHAT?!! [Text on screen: Boy-see not Boy-zee?] I demand a second opinion. [talking to another guy] How do you pronounce this town that we're in?
[Guy:] Boise [pronounces it Boy-see]
[Craig:] WHAT?!! [Text on screen: Boy-see not Boy-zee?] Third opinion. [talks to another guy] How do you pronounce this town that we're in?
[Guy:] It's Boise. [Boy-see]
[Craig:] Let me finish.
[Guy:] Okay.
[Craig:] How do you pronounce this town that we're in?
[Guy:] It's Boise. [Boy-see]
[Craig:] Alright. [Text on screen: Boy-see = FACT] It's a fact.
And as I said tonight we're heading to Provo and... [looks out window] Wow! That terrain looks very intriguing. [Shot of terrain out the window.] I'm gonna step out for a second, guys. I shouldn't be gone for more than, say, 127 hours or so. [Sound of him opening door and dropping from the van that is still moving.]
[Matt, who's driving:] What'd you say, Craig? Craig? I didn't hear you. [Shot of Craig's empty seat] Why isn't he answering me? Craig? I don't understand a word you're saying to me. Hey Craig. You're breaking up. Hold on. I'll have to call you back.
[Title on screen: 127 minutes later]
Alright, we're here. Now what was it you were saying, Craig? Craig? [Finally turns around to see that Craig's not there.] Craig?
[Shot of Craig, out in the terrain, with his hand under a large rock.] Oh no! Matt! Help!
[Matt, back in the van, looks up suddenly.]
[Craig:] My hand is stuck in this rock right here!
[Matt:] Craig's in trouble!
[Craig:] Oh no!
[Matt runs down sidewalk. Across a park.] I'm coming! Circus move! [Text on screen: CIRCUS MOVE] [Matt does a somersault. Keeps running. Music plays as Matt runs in the terrain now, in slow motion.] I'm coming!
[Craig calls out for help, also in slow motion:] Hey!
[Matt jumps and spins while running, still in slow motion. Then back at regular speed, he jumps into frame:] I see you Craig, I'm coming! [Runs]
[Craig:] Oh thank god! Oh god! Come on! [Matt runs towards him] It's right here.
[Matt:] Are you alright?
[Craig:] Come on! Pull my hand out!
[Matt:] Alright! I got you. I got you.
[Craig:] It's right there.
[They attempt to pull Craig's hand out from under the rock a couple of times.]
[Craig:] Oh it's really in there.
[Matt:] Yeah. We gotta cut it. We're gonna have to cut it.
[Craig:] No! No no no!
[Matt:] I got this rock.
[Craig:] No! Just pull it out.
[Matt:] Alright.
[They pull it out. Matt is holding the rawk sawk.]
[Matt:] Ohhhhhh! Not good! Not good! Not good at all!
[Craig:] Hahaha! Rawk sawk! [Makes rock sign to camera. Title on screen: Rawk Sawk!] Also [gestures to the rock behind him] Rock Sock.
[Viewer-submitted outro and wink with Craig on his new couch winking (ding)]
[The audience in Boise cheers as Craig pans over the crowd and back to the two people he started with.] You can cheer too. [The girl claps and the guy beside her cheers by making a guttural kind of cheer/yell. The audience laughs.]
[Craig:] Was that... what kind of cheering was that?
[Guy:] It was a dinosaur.

Recurring elements

Driftless Pony Club (DPC), tour video, beardlovers, laugh track, song, Rawk Sawk!, wink

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